Out of Desperation…

I am starting this blog to recap the ridiculous odyssey I have endured (and am still enduring) as I attempt to get Nationstar Mortgage, the worst mortgage company ever, to correct a serious error on my account.

Aurora used to hold my loan, but they went bankrupt or something and handed off my mortgage to Nationstar.  Before they did so, they erroneously force-placed flood insurance on my property after not paying the bill out of my escrow account for $455.  They were sent 8 requests to do so.  They did not.  So I did out of my own pocket, even though they were escrowing for me.

The force placement was $5114.  Thats right, an increase of 1000%.  How is this even legal?

So they handed the mortgage over, but not before sending me a letter that stated that the amount would be credited to my account.  It was not.

So begins the tale of trying to resolve this issue.  I will document the calls, emails and faxes in this activity.